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A nano food particle that triggers your immune system to astronomical health - Nano Soma. Huge in Asia and Europe, new to the US… Nano Soma is flying off the shelves.

Nano Soma

Nano Soma

Fastest patent to get approved since Thomas Edison's lightbulb



Increase Energy

Prevent Sickness


Why Use Nano Soma

Nano Soma activates your immune system to heal the mitochondria... the holy grail of health and anti-aging.

Hemorrhoids disappear, Blood pressure and diabetes normalizes, skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema disappear, the pain of arthritis subsides enormously, wound healing ramps swiftly with less scaring… and so much more. Your immune system can do amazing things when it gets the right nano food that penetrates the cell. Nano Soma has a particle size of 48 nm.

All Natural

Plant-based nano emulsion dietary supplement that come from natural sources and ingredients. Take it daily without experiencing any side effects.

Immune System

Abosrbs deep into your cell’s DNA to strengthen your immune system. Experience amazing anti-aging and healing properties. Nano Soma is safe for all ages.

Relieve Pain

Fight inflammation from the inside and reduce pain or discomfort. Works great for internal organ pain, physical pain, wounds and other skin conditions.


Nano Soma attacks and destroys bad cells. Prevent your body from getting sick and fight against bacteria, flu and viruses like COVID-19.

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COVID / Virus

Nano Soma has been shown to fight against viruses such as COVID. It activates your Vitamin D receptor, which stimulates the immune system to release potent antiviral chemicals.


Use Nano Soma to help with acne caused by skin inflammation, redness, bumps, and pain.


Nano Soma helps the immune system fight against irritants that enter or touch your body.


Nano Soma is a unique nano-food that can easily enter the cells and interact with the genes. It works deep in your cells that provides anti-aging properties.


Is arthritis stopping you from your daily activities? Nano Soma has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain levels in people with arthritis.

Blood Pressure

Based on studies, Nano Soma can help regulate blood pressure and increase your vitamin C levels.


Nano Soma has been shown to improve fasting glucose and reduce insulin resistance in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Eczema / Psoriasis

Nano Soma activates, balances and shuts down the many pathways that are involved in the inflammatory processes that cause skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.


Nano Soma increases your energy at the cellular level, naturally and powerfully. People experience more energy without having to add any caffeine or pills to their daily routine.

MRSA / Staph

Nano Soma helps your body fight off the MRSA by removing the bacteria from the vitamin D receptors and then activating the receptors correctly allowing your immune system to fire on all cylinders and heal correctly.

Pain / Inflammation

Nano Soma offers a safe, natural option that in many cases is more effective and works with the body to provide relief from the pain and stiffness associated with inflammation.


When applied directly to wounds, Nano Soma activates your immune system so it heals the skin faster.

Discover + Learn

Nano Powered Policosanol

Nano Soma, formerly called Metadichol® is a food/dietary supplement made of policosanol and is combined with pristine mountain water from the Swiss Alps. The policosanol in Nano Soma has a unique long-chain structure built with tiny nano particles so small, that it absorbs deep into the nucleus of your body's cells. It's patented chemical structure activates your immune system, providing many health benefits never seen before.

To learn more on what Nano Soma is, how it works, and what it can do for you - watch our video with Professor Arturo Celleri and Dr. Brad Ellisor as they dig deeper into the science of our cell structure and how you can benefit by using Nano Soma.

How it works

Nano Soma Protects Your Cells

Nano Soma's long-chain chemical structure comes from 3 main elements. It starts from how the suns rays hit the Swiss Alps at such a high altitude. Pristine mountain water is formed once the ice melts and is combined with policosanol, forming it's own unique structure from nano particles. This diagram shows you how Nano Soma enters into the cell and communicates with your DNA from the Vitamin D receptor.

Old vs. New Telomeres

Anti-Aging with Nano Soma

Telomeres are special sequences of DNA proteins located at the end of each chromosome. As we age, these telomeres start to break down, causing damage to your cells and not allowing it to achieve the health benefits it once did. Nano Soma's unique chemical structure works deep inside your cells and starts to strengthen and rebuild your telomeres. Healthy telomeres helps your body achieve many anti-aging benefits, pain relief and more!

Aged Telomeres create imperfect cells

Old Age

  • Wrinkles
  • Aches
  • Pains
  • Memory Loss
  • Arthritis
  • Low Energy

Healthy Telomeres create youthful cells


  • Energetic
  • Better Memory
  • Increased Performance
  • Younger Skin/Appearance
  • Better Health
  • Less inflammation and pain

Natural health benefits backed by science. Fastest patent to get approved since Thomas Edison's lightbulb.

Vitamin D Receptor

Nano Soma activates the Vitamin D receptor and communicates with your body’s DNA to help activate all types of metabolic responses.

Published Articles

Learn more in detail about how Nano Soma works. Find articles explaining how it works and the research behind it’s effectiveness.

Case Studies

Nano Soma has over a decade of real data. Read about stories from people all over the world who use Nano Soma and how it has helped them.

All Natural

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